Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spelling and Vocabulary for Oct. 6-10

4th Grade Vocabulary Review
ancestor-a relative of long ago
anxiety-fear about what may happen
apologize-to say you're sorry
apparent-easily seen or understood
architect-one who draws plans for new buildings
banquet-a large meal for a special occasion
errand-a short trip
essay-a short composition
eternity-endless time
extraordinary-very unusual
frail-slender and weak
impulsive-acting upon a sudden notion
legend-a story handed down from the past
legible-clearly written
omit-to leave out
organize-to arrange in good order
pamphlet-a booklet
predicament-an unpleasant, difficult situation
pursue-to chase
quaint-odd in an interesting way
recognize-to identify
recommend-to suggest
scholar-a student
utensil-a useful tool

3rd Grade Spelling Words

ocean, excited, sprout, payment, germs, threaten, cricket, sparkle, microwave, shampoo, sweater, hurricane, mowing, slight, draining, your, you’re, very, everybody
inquire-to ask about
prompt-on time
observe-to notice or watch