Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Spelling and Vocabulary- Week of Nov. 3-7

4th Grade Spelling Words
difficulty, champion, heaviest, permissible, hurried, typhoon, circular, criticize, analyze, missionary, Louisiana, sugar, tidiest, dynamite, conversation, victorious, reputation, encyclopedia, gymnasium, congratulations, cozier, fanciful, hydrant
absorb- to soak in or take in
humility- the absence of pride
unanimous- showing complete agreement
effect- a result
aviator- a pilot
hinder-to get in the way of; to prevent
surgeon- a doctor who performs operations

3rd grade Spelling Words
Thanksgiving Day, Pilgrims, Mayflower, England, Plymouth, freedom, raise, prayer, holiday, favorite, festival, parade, November, Thursday, feasting, Indians, pumpkin, cranberries, harvest
gratitude- thankfulness
reverent- showing respect, awe, and love
geography- the study of the earth

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